Class Schedule

8/26  Introductions

  • Discussion of “The Three Faces of Sans Souci” (chapter 2 in Silencing the Past) and Tumblety, ed. Memory and History in Piper Hall at 2:30
  • Brainstorm with Jane Currie, History Librarian, and Kathy Young, University Archivist and Curator of Rare Books, in IC 315 and Cudahy Library 218 at 3:45

9/2  Library Week:  no class

  • Read Booth, pp. 31-4 and chap 3.
  • Decide on a specific topic, as Booth suggests.
  • Write down 5 ques­tions that you want to answer about that topic.
  • Gather a prelimi­nary bibliog­raphy of at least 15 items that seem relevant. Some must be articles (try Article Quick-Search on the library web page); some must be primary sources. Recall books on loan to someone else. (On the left-hand side of the library web page [] click  “Request Forms”; then click “Recall/Hold.”)  Immediate­ly order arti­cles etc. that Cudahy Library does not have through Inter-library Loan. (On the left-hand side of the library web page, click “Interlibrary Loan.”)
  • Start reading some of the works Cudahy does have. Explore the possibilities in Chicago for archival work.  Bibliog­raphies (divided into 2 parts: primary and secondary sources) should be emailed to Dr Roberts ( by 10 pm, Sunday evening, 9/7 along with a statement of the topic and the 5 questions you want to answer about it.

9/9  Bibliography Week

  • Be prepared to discuss your topic with the class, following the scheme in Booth, p. 34: I’m working on X because I want to find out Y, so that I (and you) can better understand Z.
  • Be prepared to discuss note-taking by reading Booth, chap. 6.
  • Bibliography and footnote quiz (study the various forms on the Bibliography and Note Forms page).

9/16  Reading Primary Sources

  • Email to Dr Roberts a copy of one page of the notes you have already taken. Do not write “special notes” for this task.  Make enough copies for all in class.  We will discuss note-taking techniques.
  • If you were supposed to consult a specialist in the History department on your topic, be ready to report on the results.
  • Bring in a very short primary source sample, one that you are working with.  Make enough copies for all in class.  We will discuss how to read primary sources (see How to read primary sources in this syllabus).  (Don’t be miffed if we don’t get to your primary source.)
  • Be prepared to discuss your prog­ress on your paper.
  • Sign up sheet for individual meetings with instructor on 9/23.

9/23  Individual Meetings

  • Meet Prof Roberts in CC 548 at the right time.
  • During this week, ­start organizing your materi­als, writing up one or more tentative outlines.
  • Read Booth, 108-113, 173-6, and chap. 12.
  • Start writing parts of your paper as they coalesce in your head. Outlines will be due by 10 pm on Sunday, 10/12 to Dr Roberts’ email.

9/30  Library Week: no class

  • Read, write, outline!

10/7  Fall Break: no class

10/14  Outlining and Writing

  • Critique of outlines
  • Report on progress of your papers.
  • Read Strunk and White, chapters 2, 3, and 5

10/21  Library Week: no class

  • Read Booth, chap. 13.
  • Write the first draft of your paper.  Reread this draft several times and revise it: smooth out the grammar and organization, correct all typos.

10/28  Library Week: no class

  • First Draft papers should be emailed to Professor Roberts by 10 pm Sunday, 10/26.
  • Take a breather! Writing and re-writing are just around the corner…

11/4  Revising – Grammar and Composition

  • Discussion of papers in general. Suggestions for revision.
  • Review Strunk and White, chapters 1 and 4
  • Read Booth, Chap. 14.
  • Sign up sheet for individual meetings with Professor Roberts on 11/11

11/11  Individual meetings

  • Meet with professor to talk about progress in revising papers

11/18  Library Week: no class

  • Revise your papers.

11/25  Practicing Your Oral Presentation

  • Write (and be prepared to read aloud to the class) a 3-page paper summarizing your topic, your sources, and your conclusions. (Time yourself: the papers should be 5-6 minutes long, no longer.)
  • More revisions, polishing, rewriting.

12/2  Research Colloquium

  • Members of the History Dept. faculty will be invited. Please invite your family and friends. There will be refresh­ments.

12/7 Email Final Papers to Professor Roberts by 10 pm


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